Brand Identity

Website Architecture

Website Design

Inspired by the transient millennial lifestyle and their own experience with frequent moves, founders Brett Kelly & Sophie Seiden set out to address the challenges of relocation with their collapsible furniture line, mino.

Boasting proprietary technology that makes assembly quick and effortless, their sturdy and long-lasting pieces deserved an equally thoughtful brand that would evoke the craftsmanship and passion poured into the designs.

Creative Exploration

Our concepts were intended to evoke a deep sense of “home." Originally working with the placeholder name dimi, we landed on three directions, each of them weaving together elements of a nomadic lifestyle with the comfort and ease that comes from a well-curated living space.

Selected Direction

The final direction pairs clean type with an icon inspired by the interconnecting stems of mino’s condesa coat rack. We agreed on a neutral and soothing palette with subtle pops of accent color coming through in the photography style.